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When I was young my Aunt made these cakes for me and I thought to myself it doesn’t get much better … so moist…so delicious! Now I am offering to you, what my Aunt gave to me and I hope you will enjoy our 3 original flavors, Cream Cheese. Chocolate and Bread Puddin” plus my personal favorite 4th flavor

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I have never had the chance to speak with the author of this letter. I have tried to locate her, but to no avail. I will never forget the moment when i read Ms. Elizabeth's letter. She has no idea how the words from her heart kept me............ Thank You LaTonya King

Testimonial by Elizabeth Robison, Buffalo, NY Tweet

January 26, 2017
To Miss LaTonya King,
I wish to thank you for keeping your Aunt's memory alive, by using her recipes and very much so for packaging the chocolate pound cake recipe.
I just tried it last night, using my oven with it's broken thermostat. i believed it baked at a gigher temperature, therefore was done a bit sooner. (and maybe a touch drier) Yet, it is a very good textured and tasting cake: I hope i can find it again in the store i purchased it at(TOPs Markets buffalo, NY). If it weren't for people (family mostly) passing on favorite recipes. we would have to rely on Big-Chain bakeries and the re-inventing - the - wheel technique many novices and non-cooks use. If you can adapt any recipes to non-gluten flours, it may be that the market is open to that. May your endeavors find success.

Posted by Tracy King-Clark on Friday, March 3, 2017