"Thank you for keeping your Aunt's memory alive..." - King Preferred

“Thank you for keeping your Aunt’s memory alive…”

January 26, 2017

To Miss LaTonya King –

I wish to thank you for keeping your Aunt’s memory alive, by using her recipes and very much so for packaging the chocolate pound cake recipe.
I just tried it last night, using my oven with it’s broken thermostat. I believed it baked at a higher temperature, therefore was done a bit sooner. (and maybe a touch drier) Yet, it is a very good textured and tasting cake: I hope i can find it again in the store i purchased it at(TOPs Markets buffalo, NY). If it weren’t for people (family mostly) passing on favorite recipes. we would have to rely on Big-Chain bakeries and the re-inventing – the – wheel technique many novices and non-cooks use. If you can adapt any recipes to non-gluten flours, it may be that the market is open to that. May your endeavors find success.

Elizabeth R Robinson

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